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He loves her dearly even if he doesn't show it or act like it. Voltron / Lotor. Saved by Lorein. 43. Matt Voltron Hunk Voltron Form Voltron Voltron Ships Voltron Force In the Voltron Force 2011 show and related comic books, Lotor has succeeded his father, Emperor Daibazaal (renamed King Zarkon), and become the new king of Galra (renamed Doom).

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Voltron Memes, Gremlins, Pappor, Anime, Universum thank you, thebluefoodofpercy, for summing up my life Otaku, Voltron Memes, Chistes. I knew from the start that Lotor was a backstabbing son of a bitch. Nyra DraegoVoltron? Voltron?? Voltron | Tumblr Voltron Memes, Space Cat, Par, Bilder. I denna nya serie går fem osannolika hjältar och deras flygande robotlejon samman för att bilda den supermäktiga Voltron och försvara universum från ondska.

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The action unfolds in the all new season of Voltron Legenda 2017-12-20 Lotor is the resurrected "king" who wishes revenge on Voltron and Arus.. Appearance [edit | edit source]. Lotor is a Drule with broad-shoulders and with long white hair and yellow catlike eyes.

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Lotor voltron

2020-05-18 Emperor Lotor was the emperor and former prince of the Galra Empire, and son of Zarkon. He was slated to take over his father's role after Zarkon's obsession with the Black Lion, coupled with aid from the Galra rebel faction called the Blade of Marmora and their allies, led to the emperor's defeat at the hands of the Voltron … Voltron: Legendary Defender finished off its second season on Netflix with a doozy of a cliffhanger.

Lotor voltron

Hakuna Matata. ShiroSpace Cat. Filmer. Kreativt Hantverk.
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Lotor voltron

Does and will contain mature themes such as, self harming, slavery, gore, abuse and more read at your own … Lotor x Reader (Voltron) ((Crystal clear)) Of-Flowers. It's been about a couple months since you more or less started to live on a Garlan Ship, not just any ship though.

Allura Enamel Pin to show your alliance. Apr 1, 2017 SPOILERS for Season 2 for Voltron: Legendary Defender lie ahead. Be forewarned.
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Voltron – Den legendariska beskyddaren Netflix officiella

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